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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
4th lock I-110-05 Postcard marked 1909 Interlake Pulp mill and Fourth lock   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Canal above first lock on Fox River P-82-21-43-10 "A view of the pier on the south side showing the entrance of steamers to the first lock..." 1868 O.C.H.S.
Canal at upper lock Appleton I-52-04 Postcard marked 1909   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Canal at upper lock, Appleton I-88-04 Post card marked 1911   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Canal Lock B-479J-04 Postcard sent in 1941   Appleton Public Library
Canal Lock, Appleton, Wis I-398-06 colorized postcard marked 1910   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
Canal Lock, Appleton, Wis. I-525-11 colorized photo postcard marked 1916, #12373   image courtesy of John Marx
First Locks, Appleton I-397-06 colorized postcard marked 1912 steamship Fox docked   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
Fox River B-72-94 Early lock tender's house - blue print   Appleton Public Library
Fox River B-76-94 Canal - blue print   Appleton Public Library
Fox River B-81-94 Canal north end of Lake St. Bridge, now Oneida St. 1897 Appleton Public Library
Fox River B-82-94 Canal- blue print- photo by Anna Tenney 1897 Appleton Public Library
Government Canal B-687-10 B&W photo postcard marked 1912   Appleton Public Library
Government Canal I-111-05 Postcard not marked   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Government Canal looking West I-03-04 Postcard marked 1910   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Government lock at Kimberly, Near Appleton I-395-06 photo postcard marked 1909   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
Government Lock, Fox River, Appleton I-399-06 colorized postcard marked 1920   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
Halladay - Souvenir of Appleton B-554V-05 West's Canal   Appleton Public Library
J. W. Hutchinson coupon PP-4-6 Advertisement coupon "Will pay five dollars on demand…"   Appleton Public Library
Lower lock, Appleton I-109-05 Postcard marked 1911   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Path along the Canal, Appleton, Wis. I-527-11 colorized photo postcard marked 1908, #07 20234   image courtesy of John Marx
Scene showing third lock I-50-04 Postcard marked 1912   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Second lock at Appleton P-82-21-43-24 "A view on the Canal, south side showing the 2nd Lock"   O.C.H.S.
Second Lock on the Fox I-108-05 postcard marked 1911 scene showing the second lock   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Second Lock, Kaukauna, Wis I-394-06 photo postcard marked 1917   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
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