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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Schlafer Hardware [staff?] 1992-17-1(1219) Young man and three young women pose in Schlafer Hardware Store   O.C.H.S.
Sherman House hotel 1992-17-1(950) Sherman House hotel on the southeast corner of Appleton & Washington Sts.   O.C.H.S.
St. Elizabeth Hospital 1992-17-1(1200) exterior of St. Elizabeth Hospital   O.C.H.S.
Stairway from Water St. to Allen St. 1992-17-1(674) Stairway from Water St. to Allen St.   O.C.H.S.
Store Window of Schlafer Hardware store 1992-17-1(30) Store window display of cameras and guns at Schlafer Hardware store   O.C.H.S.
YMCA membership drive 1992-17-1(24) Cars with banners promoting the YMCA membership drive. Appleton city hall and public library, Schuetter Tailor and Commercial National Bank in view   O.C.H.S.
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