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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Hotel Appleton I-468-11 retouched photo postcard, dated August 1921   Courtesy of John Marx
Hotel Appleton I-85-04 Postcard marked March 9, 1926   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Hotel Conway I-467-11 colorized postcard, drawing only   Courtesy of John Marx
Hyde & Co. PP-6-12 Store front says "Engagement and Wedding Rings are looking for you" Ad for 1907 Wisconsin State Fair visible   Appleton Public Library
Institute of Paper Chemistry B-563-05 photo postcard marked 1952   Appleton Public Library
Interlake Pulp and Paper Mills I-95-04 postcard no date   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Irving Zuehlke Building I-178-06 Postcard, sketch of building. Exterior of Bedford Stone and Granite, etc. See scan of reverse of card for more complete information   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
J. F. Atkinson chair factory PP-8-18 old factory. Burned down in 1872   Appleton Public Library
J. F. Atkinson chair factory PP-8-19 new factory buildt on the island. Burned 1881. Outagamie mills visible   Appleton Public Library
J.W. Hutchinson & Sons Store P-82-21-43-2 "Established 1857 Interior view of J.W. Hutchinson & Son's, Book, Music and Jewelry store, Appleton,Wisconsin" 1868 O.C.H.S.
Jake Skall's Colonial Wonder Bar B-464-04 Postcard sent in 1954   Appleton Public Library
Jake Skall's Colonial Wonder Bar I-40-04 Postcard   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Johnston House Hotel P-82-21-43-16 "Johnston House, as it was"   O.C.H.S.
Junction House Appleton I-91-04 Colorized photo Postcard marked Jan 12, 1910   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Kabal building? I-567-12 Northwest corner of West College and Walnut. Name Kabal is written on the back. Building was sinking into the ground, and was torn down. 1981 Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Kate Hollenbach in their grocery I-192-06 Photo postcard not dated   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Kimberly & Clark Co.'s paper mill I-112-05 Postcard marked 1915   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Kimberly Mills, Appleton, Wis. B-675-10 colored postcard, postmarked 3/10/1908 1908 Appleton Public Library
Kimberly Pulp and Paper Mill I-106-05 Postcard not dated   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Klondo's Pottery Garden I-504-11 photo postcard, "Lawn ornaments of distinction" Highway 10, 4 miles south of Appleton   Image courtesy of Dave Kalz
Korth Upholstery Co. I-574-13 214 N. Morrison 1981 Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Levake House PP-18-30 Parmeter & Corsaw, Proprietors   Appleton Public Library
Liethen Corp I-580-13 113 N. Badger 1981 Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Liethen Corp. I-575-13 113 N. Badger 1981 Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Log pile at (?) paper mill B-669-09 photograph, not dated   Appleton Public Library
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