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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Looking South from Fox River Paper Mills B-567-05 postcard marked 1910 handwriting in German   Appleton Public Library
Looking south from Fox River Paper Mills I-33-04 Postcard marked 1910   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Manufacturing buildings PP-4-8 winter scene looking north across the river . Appleton Woolen Mills visible   Appleton Public Library
Matt Schmidt & Sons I-86-04 Appleton's popular hat & clothes shop Floorspace 14 1/2 x 145 ft. Postcard marked 1911   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Mill District I-35-04 Postcard   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Montgomery's Drug Store PP-6-11     Appleton Public Library
Muench Brewing Company I-118-04     Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Muench Brewing Company I-120-04     Courtesy of Dave Kalz
National Hotel 1989-134-19 Wisconsin Illustrated No. 162 National Hotel   O.C.H.S.
New Dreamland Auto Court B-602-07 photo postcard not dated Owners Mr & Mrs Chris Deltgen   Appleton Public Library - courtesy of Greg Thiel
Odd Fellows' Block I-106-04 I.O.O.F Store named "The Fair"   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Oneida St. North from College Ave. B-584-07 Photograph Rio theater, Conway Hotel, Grace's Apparel, Wards   Appleton Public Library
Oneida Street looking south I-69-04 Postcard no date shows Sherman Hotel and Appleton Theatre   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Opera House I-73-04 Postcard marked 1916   Courtesy of Rosemarie De bruin
Paper Mills B-477-04 Postcard sent in 1908   Appleton Public Library
Pekin Café I-202-06 Photo postcard not dated   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Pettibone's Dry Goods Store P-82-21-43-6 "Bee Hive Block front view of C.J. Pettibones Store..." 1868 O.C.H.S.
Pettibone's Linen Department I-117-04 interior photo 1915 Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Power house in Appleton I-492-11 photo postcard, not dated   image courtesy of John Marx
Rademachers I-193-06 Photo postcard marked 1910   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Rio Movie Theater I-19-04 b & w photo   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Rio Theater I-70-04 Marquee and name sign   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Rio Theater marquee I-198-06 newspaper photo clipping   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Riverside Filn & Paper Co's Pulp mill, Appleton, Wis I-418-06 colorized postcard marked 1911   Courtesy of RoseMarie DeBruin
Riverside Flour Mill I-111-04 S. K. Wambold & Son   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
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