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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
College Avenue west from Oneida Street I-77-04 Postcard with typed advertisement on the back from Pettibone Peabody Co.   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
College Avenue, B-512-05 Postcard Back says "It runs east and west from a bend in the river 2 1/2 miles to the fair grounds, is 96 ft wide, 16 feet cement walks   Appleton Public Library
College Avenue, 1918 I-176-06 As seen from the Pettibone-Peabody Store. Built by Chauncey J. Pettibone June 1862 - 1863. In 1897 George Peabody acquired an interest and it became known as Pettibone-Peabody Co. It is now (1983) H. C. Prange Co. site. 1918 Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
College Avenue, 1927 I-182-06 photo reproduction Majestic, Heckert's Shoes, People's Clothing Co.   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
College Avenue, Appleton Wisconsin I-134-06 postcard dated 1919 Pearsons   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
College Avenue, Business section looking West (Big Shoe, Searc. Brettschneiders) I-29-04 Postcard, no date   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Colleges Ave Wishmann's Ace Floor Covering Krull's Ferron's Deep Rock I-24-04 Postcard, no date   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Commercial National Bank Building I-183-06 Burned in 1928. It was known as the Irving Zuehlke Building photo reproduction   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Corner of Oneida and College looking south I-130-06 postcard Zuehlke building and library visible   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Downer's Drug Store I-139-06 postcard mailed 1907 Downer's drug store, 802 College   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Downtown Appleton B-446-04 Aerial View. Maybe 1960's.   Appleton Public Library
Downtown Appleton B-433-04   1909 Appleton Public Library
Downtown Appleton, aerial view I-550-12 aerial view, looking northwest over College Ave, color photo   courtesy of John Marx
East College Avenue B-171-94 Lawrence dome in background. Possible Anna L. Tenney photo or Margaret Winslow 1860 Appleton Public Library
East End College Avenue, Wis I-191-06 Photo postcard marked 1906   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
F.W. Woolworth Co. interior 1992-17-1(44c) F.W. Woolworth Co. 5 and 10 cent store interior   O.C.H.S.
First National Bank and Post Building I-180-06 photo reproduction Southwest corner of College Avenue and Appleton Street   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
First National Bank at Appleton B-666-09 mural depicting sun and sky. 80 ft by 26 ft. Designed by Mrs. Zelda Strecker, St. Charles, IL. Hollow steel rods, painted metallice gold fused glass, and wire cloth.   Appleton Public Library
Fox Cities Performing Arts Center B-399-03 Construction 2002 Appleton Public Library
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. I-154-06 Photograph of building 612 W. College Ave.   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Great White Way, Appleton Wis I-543-12 look down College Avenue with lights on, postmarked 1908   courtesy of John Marx
Great White Way, Appleton, Wis I-189-06 Photo postcard (College Avenue) not dated   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Great White Way, Appleton, Wis I-190-06 Photo postcard (College Avenue) not dated   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Greetings…Appleton, Wisconsin I-546-12 color photo, street level view, looking east, Sears, AAL, Penny's, Campbells   courtesy of John Marx
Halladay - Souvenir of Appleton B-554N-05 View of college Avenue, East end, residential   Appleton Public Library
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