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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Irving Zuelke building B-664-09 line drawing of building, not dated   Appleton Public Library
Irving Zuelke building B-665-09 information about construction and businesses in Zuelke building   Appleton Public Library
Legion Convention parade I-559-12 view of band and down the street looking west from Drew. 1947 Courtesy of John Marx
Looking East on College Avenue I-22-04 Postcard no date   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Looking north west from College Ave. P-82-21-43-36 "A view taken from the 3d story window in the rear of the Bank showing back yards," Grace Episcopal Church, Baptist Church and 2nd Ward School   O.C.H.S.
Looking S.W. toward College Ave. & Oneida Streets P-82-21-43-43 "A view taken from 3d story window in the Bank looking across the Avenue, to the South West."   O.C.H.S.
Main Street, Appleton I-188-06 Photo postcard (College Avenue) not dated   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
Masonic Temple I-141-06 postcard Laying of the cornerstone for Appleton's Masonic Temple, now the Outagamie Museum 1923 Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Mural in First National Bank, Appleton I-140-06 postcard depicts the concept of the Sun and Sky. 80 ft. by 20 ft. Constructed of hollow steel rods, painted metallic gold fused glass and wire cloth (the kind used in papermaking). Designed by Mrs. Zelda Strecker, St. Charles IL.   Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
Parade on College Ave. B-436-04 Early 1900's 1900 Appleton Public Library
Scene in business section Appleton Wis. I-545-12 eye level view, looking east, b&w photo postcard, Roberts, Ford, Elite theater, Lords, AAL, Campbells, Dr. Koch Optometrist   courtesy of John Marx
Soap Box Derby B-681-10 looking east on College Ave. Viking Theater, Aid Association, Sears, Penney's, Larry's Badger Bar, Max Barber Shop, Campbell's Hupka Jeweler, Camera Exchange 1964 Appleton Public Library
Store Window of Schlafer Hardware store 1992-17-1(30) Store window display of cameras and guns at Schlafer Hardware store   O.C.H.S.
Storefront on College Avenue I-155-06 Photograph of building 612 W. College Ave. 1954 Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
The Great White Way B-450-04 Postcard sent in 1910   Appleton Public Library
W. College Ave. I-547-12 color photo, street level view, looking east, Campbell's, Wlagreens, Surplus store, Mary Lester, Schlaefers, Pranges   courtesy of John Marx
West College Ave Appleton, Wis I-204-06 Photo postcard not dated Montgomery Ward, Household Finance, Norris Lea furs, Campbells, Millers, Brettschneiders, Ford Hopkins Drugs   Courtesy of Rosemarie De Bruin
West College Avenue B-523-05 postcard, not dated. Looking west, taken from the top of the Zuelke Building   Appleton Public Library
Zuehlke building fire I-138-06     Courtesy of Ann Kloehn
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