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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Gillespir Warner PP-129-249     Appleton Public Library
Gillmore, James AM6 Mayor of Appleton 1866   Photo posted at City Hall
Gleason, Mrs. and children P-6-94 Mr. Gleason was a science teacher at Ryan High School 1895 Appleton Public Library
Goff, E. G. AM11 Mayor of Appleton 1872   Photo posted at City Hall
Goodland, John Jr. P-15-94 seated 1st left John Goodland member of Appleton Browns Baseball club. He became Mayor of Appleton in 1891- postcard 1891 Appleton Public Library
Goodland, Jr., John AM36 Mayor of Appleton 1924 - 1925   Photo posted at City Hall
Goodland, Jr., John AM38 Mayor of Appleton 1930 - 1946   Photo posted at City Hall
Grace Rogers PP-40-91     Appleton Public Library
Graham, Ida PP-72-200 Mrs. Edward P. Humphrey   Appleton Public Library
Grandma Pierce PP-70-191     Appleton Public Library
Grassie, Rev Thomas G. PP-43-105 side shot   Appleton Public Library
Griffis, Deborah Phillips P-146-97 Wife of Daniel Griffis, fancy goods dealer   Appleton Public Library
Griffis, Mr. P-147-97     Appleton Public Library
Grignon, Augustin P-70-95 Born 1780- Green Bay, WI. Died 1860- Buttes des Morts, WI   Appleton Public Library
Grignon, Augustin P-16-94   1800 Appleton Public Library
Group of women PP-10-21 Mrs. A.P. Stansbury, Mrs. Louise Parker, Mrs. Olive Copeland Paine Lay, Mrs. Clara Jenne, Mrs. Sarah Edgarton Hoskinson, Mrs. Sarah Hickox Fay, Mrs. Josephine Cooke Dyer, Mrs. Florence Edgarton Webb, Mrs. Sarah McNeal Fuller   Appleton Public Library
Gurnee, Byron M. PP-71-198 Born Dec 14, 1833 Skaneatelas NY came to WI Oct 1850 Civil War 43rd Reg. Inst.   Appleton Public Library
H. H. Green PP-67-184     Appleton Public Library
H. L. Moore PP-147-327     Appleton Public Library
Hammel, David AM27 Mayor of Appleton 1900 - 1903   Photo posted at City Hall
Hammel, David AM29 Mayor of Appleton 1906 - 1907   Photo posted at City Hall
Hammel, Jacob Mrs. PP-89-222     Appleton Public Library
Hanna, Timothy AM45 Mayor of Appleton 1996 -   Photo posted at City Hall
Harold Galpin PP-60-161     Appleton Public Library
Harriman, Frank W. AM28 Mayor of Appleton 1904 - 1905   Photo posted at City Hall
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