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Photo Title AccessionNo Description Year Ownership
Scene in Pierce Park B-518-05 Postcard, dated 1930 shows ravine, pond and stone path   Appleton Public Library
Swimming pool I-582-13 Erb Park, photo postcard, not dated   Courtesy of Dave Kalz
Swimming Pool - Erb Park B-480M-04 Postcard sent in 1950   Appleton Public Library
Swimming Pool, Erb Park B-635-08 Postcard not dated. It is saucer shaped, fringed with a sand beach with fenced areas for different aged children   Appleton Public Library
Tolulo Park, Appleton, Wis I-266-06 colorized postcard 1908   Courtesy of RoseMarie De Bruin
Tolulo Park, Appleton, Wis. B-689-10 colorized postcard, postmarked 7/20/1909   Appleton Public Library
Tourist Camp, Alicia Park I-505-11 colorized postcard, not dated.   Image courtesy of John Marx
View in City Park, Appleton Wis. I-92-08 colorized postcard. Postmark on another copy 1913   Kris Kipping
View in City Park, Appleton, Wis. I-508-11 colorized postcard, dated 9/5/1911. Shows steps up bandstand   Image courtesy of John Marx
Waverly Beach B-479M-04 Postcard sent in 1941 Also own as separate image pc   Appleton Public Library
Waverly Beach, Appleton, Wis I-520-11 colorized photo postcard not dated   Image courtesy of John Marx
Waverly Beach, Appleton, Wis. I-521-11 colorized photo postcard not dated, 3745   Image courtesy of John Marx
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